Abstraction and Deconstruction 



Date: Mondays commencing Monday 6th May to 1st July 2019 (8 weeks)

Time: 10am - 1pm

Where: Kiama, NSW

Cost: $460 per person


This class takes a deliberate departure from realism.  We will start with familiar imagery, then break it down into its essential parts, working towards partial or complete abstraction. Techniques for deconstructing imagery and perspective will be covered as well as the formal aspects of art such as line, color, and form.  


We will begin with your favourite medium of oil, acrylic or watercolour and for those who are interested, we will be playing with old masters techniques too. By the end of the workshop you will take home a major work. 

Discussion and feedback will encourage creativity and help students develop their individual styles. 

This workshop is experimental and loads of fun so come and join us!


Oh and lots of chats, tea & biscuits too!

To book: email info@kiamaartworkshops.com.au or

call Rhonda on 0438 359 595

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Kiama on the South Coast of NSW