Portrait Oil Painting #2



A Contemporary Guide to Portraiture using Old Master Techniques

This class is for people who have completed the first Portrait Class or for those who have some experience in painting portraits with oils.


Painting in oils is more flexible, malleable, able to grow, develop and be changed. They are forgiving and welcoming".

Date: Mondays commencing Monday 29th July to 16th September 2019 (8 weeks)

Time: 9.30am - 12.30pm

Where: Kiama, NSW

Cost: $460 per person


“Portraits capture human moments, values and concerns of the society within which they were created. Subtle and direct effects are therefore embedded within each image by both the one producing the portrait as well as the one being portrayed.”  Jason Steuber

In this 8-week course, students will be encouraged to develop a personal style with hands on guidance to extend their knowledge of the following:

Mixing Colour

a. Toned grounds of the old masters

b. Develop strategies for mixing flesh tones

Examining Features

a. Eyes

b. Noes

c. Ears

d. Mouth

e. Hair

f. Eyebrows

g. Eyelashes


a. Shading

b. Shadows

c. Form

d. Head Axes


a. Toned ground

b. Composition

c. Grids

d. Blocking in image

e. Underpainting

f. Grisaille

g. Colour pass

h. Glazing

i. Scumbling

To book: email info@kiamaartworkshops.com.au or

call Rhonda on 0438 359 595

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Kiama on the South Coast of NSW