Date: Saturday 2nd May 2020

Time: 10am - 3pm

Where: Kiama, NSW

Cost: $185 per person - includes all materials


To book:


or call Rhonda on 0438 359 595

Join indigenous artist Helena Geiger who will introduce you to the beautiful ancient art of Batik. Helena will take you on a journey to discover how truly unique and meditative this art form is.

Batik refers to cloth which has been decorated by a wax resist technique.  A pattern is applied in hot was onto a piece of undyed cloth.  When the cloth is later dyed, those parts which have been treated with wax will not take up the dye, and when the was is removed a pattern of white lines will be left.  This process of layering can be repeated many times with a number of subsequent waxing and dye baths, creating a complex deign of motifs and colours.  


Helena has a background in textile design, with her own textile design company and over 20 years experience.  Her designs are inspired by the beauty of the land and the artistry of nature. All materials and equipment are included in the cost.  Make sure you wear old clothing or an apron. 

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Kiama on the South Coast of NSW