Lorna Crane has a passion for making handmade brushes using a variety of mediums and in all shapes and sizes.  From gathering native fibres, found materials, feathers and cotton then binding them onto pre-loved brush handles, twigs, driftwood and bamboo, Lorna's brushes each develop a story of their own.


Lorna loves to push the boundaries with her mark making by using her handmade brushes - liking it to unlocking a secret with the reveal of the first marks each could make once dipped in ink - some marks delicate, others calligraphic, or some forming repeat patterns whilst others making unique bold statements.


Through this form of exploration, Lorna taps into people's inherent and instinctual desire to create their own language, with the act of making the mark making mapping new territories. 

Lorna has participated in many solo and group exhibition regionally, nationally and internationally, and shares her vast knowledge and skills through workshops around the countryside.


See more of Lorna's work at www.lornacrane.com


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Kiama on the South Coast of NSW