Mixed Media



Date: Mondays commencing Monday 29th July to 16th September 2019 (8 weeks)

Time: 1.30pm to 4.30pm

Where: Kiama, NSW

Cost: $460 per person


Mixed media is a broad, all-encompassing topic that can feel a bit overwhelming to the new comer. By covering the basics and referring to a variety of Mixed Media artists, Megan will take the mystery out of mixed media and encourage you to explore new combinations and techniques by breaking the boundaries between different art forms. It’s a fun way to create works that have a wide variety of finishes that can make a wonderful addition to your practice. For beginners, it’s the perfect way to find your favourite mediums for intermediate and advanced it’s a wonderful addition to your art portfolio.

You will learn how to:


  • Create artworks by experimenting with different media

  • Create collages that includes some surprising elements

  • Create assemblages using found objects

  • Learn the language and power of colour


Techniques will include:


  • Painting

  • Drawing

  • Layering

  • Collaging

  • Texturising

  • Sgraffito

  • Rubbing

  • Frottage

  • Slicing


By using these techniques, you can make artworks, collages, scrapbook pages, decorations, greeting cards - any type of artwork you can think of.


To book: email info@kiamaartworkshops.com.au or

call Rhonda on 0438 359 595

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Kiama on the South Coast of NSW