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Autumn workshops

Now is the perfect time to embrace fibres and textiles with the onset of Autumn. Join textile artist Michele Elliot for our Slow Stitch workshop on Saturday 20 May 2023. Michele will guide you through the meditative craft of slow stitching using hand embroidery, you will work with building simple patterns and easy applique. Research has shown there are positive effects of creative pursuits and well-being, and hand stitching is an easy one to learn. It can help to switch off after a stressful day or ease anxiety in its rhythmic action. Michele will cover slow stitching and pattern making, as well as practical tips on visible mending where you will learn to patch and repair tears and holes in clothing with decorative stitches. Suitable for all levels, no sewing experience is necessary. We would love to see you there, bookings are via our website, you can click here for more information.

Coiled Basket Workshop Saturday 24 June

Always wanted to learn how to make a basket? Now is your chance! Join indigenous artist Helena Geiger for our Coiled Basket workshop. Once again this process incorporates a rhythmic action which is a lovely relaxing and creative pursuit. Once you learn the basic techniques, you can create your own styled and shaped vessels - the possibilities are endless! If a basket isn't your thing, have a go at making some coiled earings or a placemat, or better still, make both! All materials are included in this workshop and no experience is necessary.

Eco Dyeing Workshop Saturday 12 August

Ever wanted to use natural materials to dye your own fabric? Join Kaye Taylor for our Eco Dyeing workshop where you will discover how to use nature's flowers and leaves, herbs and spices and food scraps to create a gorgeous dye. You will take home a beautiful silk scarf that you have dyed, together with fabric samples. This is a fun workshop and Kaye is very generous in sharing her knowledge and skills.

We hope you can join us for one of our fabulous workshops, a great chance to get creative and meet new people!

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